The cryptographic password generator can make a cryptic password using a word or phrase.

The point is to allow you to have strong and unique passwords for every site you go to, and eliminate the need to remember multiple strong passwords or using a password manager where all your passwords are stored in one place. Here your password is created on demand using a set of algorithms and not stored anywhere.

Add the following extention to chrome to make the process faster:

How to use:

The first textbox is the main source for the algorithm. Let's call it the keyphrase. Enter a short easy to remember word or keyphrase. For example, if making a password for Reddit, type Reddit.

The second textbox we'll call the keycode. The keycode is used to bolster the algorithm and further encrypt your password. Although optional, it's highly recommended. Adding in a personalized keycode prevents others from getting the same password by using the same phrase should you both pick simple phrases like Reddit for a password.

For example, everyone using the keyphrase Reddit will all generate the same password. Simply adding in a keycode such as abc123 will vastly change the result. See below.

Reddit + No Keycode: t$dNv$rEq
Reddit + abc123: t$dNa$136c1Evqr2b

Please note, due to the way the algorithm is designed, your keycode should not be greater in length than the keyphrase. If your keyphrase is 10 characters, and the keycode is 15, the last 5 characters of the code will be ignored.

When you press enter or the submit button, your generated password will be copied to your clipboard ready to paste where you need it.

Your password goes through 4-7 levels of hashing algorithms depending on the phrase and code provided.

Please note your password security is only as good as you make it. In this example we used the keyphrase Reddit to make a password intended to be used for Reddit. If you feel that is insecure, you are not obligated to do the same. Any phrase works, such as "It's over 9000!". Please choose a phrase you will remember or else you'll defeat the purpose of this program.

Nothing you type is ever saved. It goes through the algorithm and is sent to your clipboard.