About Me...

My name is Joseph Kreifels II. I am from Iowa, USA. I am a college graduate in Computer Software and Web Programming. I am currently working a full-time career in a Computer I.T. department where I wear many hats.

I don't plan on putting much work into this website. So don't expect much. Sometimes I'll write desktop programs just for fun. You can find and download a few of them here.

What is JKDOS?

JKDOS is my name.

J = Joseph,
K = Kreifels,
Dos = (Spanish) word for two.

Due to my association to computer IT, the Dos is pronounced as it is in MS-DOS.

I am in need of jkdos.com for my company, etc

I would be happy to sell the domain JKDOS.com. Use the QR Code to contact me: