The Magic 8-Ball can predict the future! Okay...Maybe not, but it can be fun tool to make decisions you're indecisive about.

This 8-Ball is different:

Most, if not all, digital Magic 8-Balls will use the purest form of RNG. Basically meaning your chance of getting an outcome is x / y. Where X is your desired outcome and Y is the total possible outcomes. A Magic 8-Ball has 20 outcomes, so that would typically mean each response had a 5% chance of showing up.

This magic 8-Ball was designed in such a way that it will run through a patented (not really) algorithm to ensure the randomness of the outcome is abnormal. On the surface, it still functions the same. In the future, I might provide the statistics in order to show how different it's working compared to normal RNG.

One other thing that's worth noting is that outside of the usual 20 responses you'd expect from a Magic 8-Ball, there is a small chance of receive a non 8-Ball vague response just for the fun of it.

There is currently no mute option. I will try adding this sometime in the future.