Windows Programs by JKDOS

I have a few Windows programs.

Definitley Notepad.exe

This is a classic notepad clone. It doesn't offer all the same functionality, but darn near all of it.

Download: (0.58 Mb)


This is a program that will alternate your letters to capitals automatically while typing. Read the included readme for instructions

Download: (0.46 Mb)


This is a copy of PCODE.php, but it's compiled, so it runs offline.

Download: (0.48 Mb)

Fake Error Messages.exe

This is a simple program that lets you spawn fake Windows error messages of any kind.

Download: (8 Kb)

I do not sign my .exe files, and I don't have many users, so 99% chance your antivirus software is going to go berserk with false-negatives. I offer these programs free of charge. Use it or don't.